For V machine Red: The discharge plate grounded helps separate the paper from the drum. Remove the [B] from the assembly. But note that regardless of the setting, the motor will switch off when the machine enters energy saver mode. The amount of charge remaining as a latent image on the drum depends on the laser beam intensity, which is controlled by the BiCU board. Remove the rear middle cover [A] 1 screw.

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Front long cover [C]! This SP aficlo cannot be used once the counter takes a positive value. Do not turn the PCU upside down, as doing so will cause toner and developer to spill out.

If this is the first time this adjustment is being made: This value will be used as the standard reference voltage Vts of the TD sensor. Toner Supply Reference Voltage Vref Determination The toner supply reference voltage Vref is used for toner supply determination see below.

Remove the two screws [C] and install the two acicio socket screws [D]. WMF To ensure technician and user safety and to prevent the laser beam from inadvertently switching on during servicing, afkcio are safety switches at the front and right covers.


Install the key counter cover [F] 2 screws.

The original mode key on the operation panel has two settings, text and photo. Disconnect the flat cable [B]. Open the right lower cover. Connect an IC card that has the correct firmware to the machine. Auto Off Timer 7.

Load the paper in the paper tray and make full size copies from tray. This takes about 1 second. Mount the original width sensor into the new position from where you removed screw [C]and screw.

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Also afocio the smoothing filter used when the user selects Special 3 or Special 4. If the user wishes to customize one of the original modes, the technician can change the settings using SP to SP Never touch the drum surface with bare hands. As necessary EM C: Use if the customer wishes to keep this background.

Friction pad [E] BR Counter – Printouts by Paper Tray Displays the total number of sheets fed from each paper 1 1st feed station. Original caught at the original reverse sensor. The charge remains on the surface of the drum because the OPC layer has a high electrical resistance in the dark.


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Place the copier on a strong and level base. Higher settings provide greater clarity. Side-to-side registration A B AR Fit the belt on first, then set the spring in place, and then screw in evenly, rotating from screw to screw so that the spring tension is correctly distributed.

These gears are quieter than normal gears. After finishing the software download, turn off the main switch and remove the memory card.

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If uploading fails, an error message appears. Dispose of used PCU components in accordance with local regulations. Note that this counter does not double count, even for A3 and 11″ x 17″. Use this to input the fax number printed on user counter reports.