Its distinctive dark gray and silver squared-off design takes up a corner of our large equipment table, connected to our main systems via a USB 2. Epson Perfection V photo scanner review: Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Our experience with the Epson Perfection V has been a happy one. Of course, the easiest solution is to send them off to someone else.

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If you are intending to install an Epson product, start with the product powered off. We recommend if available for your product that you download and install Epson Product Setup. And film tends to have a slight curve, the emulsion a bit tighter than the base.

So after scajner costs and benefits play out, your best overall choice turns out to be a really good flatbed scanner–like the Epson Perfection V We can’t guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price Its distinctive dark gray and silver squared-off design takes up a corner of our large equipment table, connected to our main systems via a USB 2.

It seems to disturb Epson, too, since the company offers this scanner with an anti-reflection optical coating applied to the CCD glass in the V model. But we have to say that even as we marvel at the sharpness of our dSLR images, we are always a bit disappointed in what comes out of the scanner, any scanner.


To test the highest resolution, we cropped only a very scabner area of a 35mm slide. If your product doesn’t appear when you type it in, check that you haven’t mis-typed it and try again – check the Epson name on the front of your product. If the Epson Product Setup tool is not available for your product continue to the section below.

Epson V Replacement for Epson V | B&H Photo Video

They’re all well designed and easy to load, and they each snap into a notch to lock in place on the scanbed. It remains a black art full of frustrations. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t much area to grip the film, and holders consequently don’t do much flattening. In the latter, the defects are images of physical obstructions. We’ll compare for you. The cover also has a long slit which lights up green when scanning film or slides. Both images printed well with more detail and better color than our Cibachromes.

We use cookies on our website. Note also the upside down thumb lift at top right for easy removal of the holder from the bed. Click here for more on the V’s feature set and scan quality. Register now We respect your privacy. It was no contest.

One lens is designed for optimum resolving at a horizontal resolution of 4,dpi, the other, 6,dpi. That leaves you with a scanner as your only option.

Information about the height adjusters is not easily discovered. Log in Not signed in yet?


Scanning software remains a good bit behind the times, much as if no one has done anything interesting yet in user interface design. Creativity SoftwareOther SoftwareICC Profiles These contain optional utilities and supporting files to help you get the most out of your product, but are generally not required to use it.

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Be respectful, keep it civil v700 stay on topic. That’s where the holder plays an important role, not only aligning the film to the scanner so scanner software can find the image in the frame but also stretching the film taut to remove the curl.

Of course, the scanner can interpolate way beyond that, and for small originals, you generally find yourself in interpolation territory. To capture as much detail as possible from film, you need a very high Dmaxthe maximum density at which shadow detail can be distinguished.

The holders also have white squares underneath them for registration of the holders in auto scan mode operation.

If not, you have to buy these tools to actually calibrate your scanner.