The line drawn should be smooth without breaks or stair steps. Logic Trace Digitizing System. Driver Expertise – The Logic Group has the driver, software, and digitizer expertise for helping all customers. Advanced Configuration — This option displays only when communicating directly to the tablet via a serial port. The utility looks for TabletWorks drivers, scans all COM ports for availability, and updates operating system information.

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System Information — Displays information about your operating system, COM port icons, and a TabletWorks icon, when and if they are detected. Choose one of these options to indicate the action you want performed when a cursor button is pressed. You can calcmop the TCU on your own to troubleshoot digitizer problems or configure your tablet, or your Technical Support specialist may ask you to load it to assist him or her when diagnosing problems.

The test utilities identify the primary origins of system failure. All tablets installed and working with TabletWorks. Device Information — Displays information about detected tablets, or an explanation when a search is unsuccessful.

GTCO CalComp Downloads

Refresh System Info — Choose this option to refresh the information in the System Information section. As a result of the settlement, the version of the Wintab driver that GTCO CalComp provides for our digitizer products will no longer be available as of October 8, Logic Trace Cnc Dxf Software. The digitizing software then uses the wintab driver to trace objects or points into the computer. Any problems email us at jwalsh logicgroup.


Technical Support Wintab Drivers Calcomp

The Wintab driver is a Windows driver that turns the digitizer into a mouse input device for the computer. The Logic Group digitizing software can be used with or without the windows wintab driver, other vender software will generally require the windows driver.

Logic Trace Digitizing System. A very few digitizing programs do not use the wintab driver and communicate directly with the digitizer. Some software requires the Wintab 1.

To test for Grid Problems: If using the serial calvomp usb adapter, attach the dintab adapter to the computer first and install the serial to usb driver that came with the adapter the cd is in the back packaging of the adapter. The first section displays System Information and the bottom section displays Device Information.

Tabletworks Wintab – Most digitizing software works with the tabletworks wintab driver. Go to Cart Go to Mobile. Logic Trace Digitizing System. The next time you use the software digitize the S90 and you will not need to use the custom configration menu. If you have the older ver 7.


Our current tabletworks driver provides most of the functionality of the original driver however any application which uses menu commands from the surface of the digitizer calcoomp not work with our driver. For the summagrid 5 the easiest way to digitize is to install the wintab driver. Wintab Driver – Most digitizing software uses the wintab driver to communicate with the digitizer.

Driver Instructions for Numonics Accugrid.

If want to use the usb port you will need to a serial to usb adapter available from our office or many computer and electronic stores. You wlntab need the Custom Configuration Menu card that was included with the digitizer.

The wuntab to these drivers are checked on a regular basis, however, if you find an error when trying to download these drivers please send an e-mail to Webmaster at support interworldna. The GP-9 Drivers no longer available. Summagrid 5 Driver Installation. You must have admin rights on your local computer to install this software.

Make sure the cursor is in prox.