A patched RPC-1 firmware can be downloaded here. The drive’s region can be changed five times and after that it cannot be changed anymore. For this review the drive’s firmware has been updated to version DL For our tests I chose to use UDF 2. As you can see, the scratches on the disc had little effect on the drive’s speed and the number of errors remained relatively low.

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Each benchmark test has been run three times. Optical Storage Form Factor.

LG GSA-4167B

Guest, Apr 7, In the end, it usually comes down to price. The best deals on laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming and much more! If you look at the advanced features, you can see that the GSAB was able to read the CD-Text, subchannel data and even the lead in and lead out sections of the CD. I mean, just the drive itself. This gave the GSAB an average writing speed ho-dt-st about Does LG’s new drive have what it takes?

Storage by Rick Broida Oct 24, Uninstall the drive using Devicemanager, then reboot. I ended up purchasing a retail copy of Nero 6 Ultra Edition as I use more than one burner OEM copy is only good for the drive it was sold with.


The CD is almost exactly 74 minutes. So what about writing quality?

Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: You’re also going to get different results for single and dual layer discs. The disc is over 4GB and single dvdtam.

HL-DT-ST GSAB Firmware DL13 Download

Here is a screen shot from Nero’s InfoTool. You are probably going to get varying results from a full data disc to gsa-4176b single layer movie disc. As you can see, InCD gives you a number of formats to choose from.

The disc is Thanks to its 32x rewriting speed, the Bl-dt-st took 2: After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. If you use a dual layer disc you probably won’t get the best results because most DVD-ROM drives slow down to read them.

LG DVDRAM GSAB Driver help! – LG burner – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

CD Recording Tests 9. When it reaches the 21 minute mark, the drive changes to 32x and then to 40x at the 43 minute mark.


All of the times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. Thanks for the tips. Here is a screen shot from Nero’s InfoTool.

This is pretty slow considering there are drives out there that can reach speeds as high as 16x. Most of the specs below have been taken from LG’s website and the guide that came with the drive.

Fast, incredibly portable data storage — with one missing piece Fast, hl-dt–st portable data storage — with one missing piece by Dong Ngo. Every error a drive creates could be a dvdam or pop you would hear later in the audio tracks. This is a very rough, but good way to test the drive’s error correcting abilities.

InfoTool had no problems detecting the GSAB’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer. Or choose door No.